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“Laura Spiegel is an amazingly talented coach. She listens deeply and then reflects ideas back in a way that is truly unbelievable. I was taking notes and hoping that I’d never forget the wisdom that she helped me to discover. Her skills in coaching, counseling, dialog, communication and refining understanding of a situation are unparalleled. She is the coach of all coaches! I strongly recommend her services!”

— Privacy Acknowledged, UBC Professor | Vancouver, BC | 2019

“One of Laura’s key strengths is encouraging clients to look at the big picture and gain clarity by asking questions in new ways. During our UBC Coaching sessions, she was so very positive, empathetic and generous with her time, providing me with invaluable tips and tools for time-management, achieving goals, celebrating personal strengths and values, as well as navigating life’s challenges. Laura brings an absolute wealth of experience as a coach and I highly recommend her!”

— Bethan Williams, Communications Specialist, Editor, Writer | Vancouver, BC | 2018

“Laura supported ICF Vancouver Chapter by being a coach for the Board Directors. Laura worked with me through the Board Year in my role as Membership Director. Laura is extremely friendly and makes each coaching engagement positive, energetic and supportive. We used digital platforms to chat, but each one felt like a fireside chat. Laura stays curious throughout all engagements. Her curiosity and challenge enables you to search internally, explore different avenues of thought and action, and consider options. I benefitted from our engagement and found each meeting to be comfortable and yet challenging – just what I needed!”

— Catherine Wiggins, Facilitator at GP Strategies Corporation | Vancouver, BC | 2018

“Laura has a multitude of coaching and NLP skills that enable her to support clients in a very effective manner. I participated in Eye Movement Integration sessions and the results have been amazing. Areas in my life where I have experienced challenge previously me left me wondering why I didn’t seek out this type of support sooner. Laura is a supportive, caring and helpful coach who has the ability to shift patterns and impact outcomes for the long term. I highly recommend Laura to support you with those long term changes that you have been unable to achieve to date.”

— Deb Little, CPCC, PCC, RPC, Career Coach & Counsellor | Vancouver, BC | 2016

“I unreservedly recommend Laura Spiegel both as a life coach and a highly skilled life coach mentor. She has already received an international award for optimal impact on her clients. In addition to her extensive training and knowledge, she has personal qualities of empathy, intuition, and honesty. Her natural abilities have helped me assist my own following to empower themselves by framing life’s challenges in a positive context and direction.”

— Rabbi Corinne Copnick, C.M. (Canada Medal), M.A. (McGill), M.R.S. (AJRCA), Rabbinic Resource, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Advisor | Los Angeles, California | 2015

“I was offered the opportunity for coaching through my workplace this past year which I immediately jumped on. In my mind I’d already imagined all the things I could work out with my coach such as how to manage my time better and how to manage my staff better as well. Little did I know when I signed up for coaching with Laura, that I would learn so much more, and specifically, how to manage myself – my expectations, my vision of how I wished to show up to work every day and how to ask the right questions, to myself and to others as to be as effective, inspired and inspiring as possible. Laura’s unique “emotional intelligence” approach may seem less serious to some, but in fact, it’s the exact opposite. Through Laura’s sensitive, intuitive yet highly logical approach, I was invited to take a thorough look at the assumptions of what leadership is or should be and how I had the power and ability to tap into the leader in me, in the most authentic manner. I also learned to manage my perception of time and through Laura’s guidance discovered ways of tapping into that restful and energizing space within even during my busiest and most stressful moments. Each session with Laura was a true revelation and spurred introspection that led to many behaviour changes both at and away from work that benefitted me, and I believe, my organization, my team members and staff, as well as those closest to me. Although my coaching sessions with Laura are over, I continue to learn from Laura’s wisdom, insight and guidance and can still hear her voice ring out from time to time in a calm, kind and optimistic way, “How do you want to show up today?” Thank you Laura for being the best coach EVER.

— Manon Dubois Crôteau, Communications Manager (Québec) | Montréal, QC | 2015

“Laura has supported me over the past two years to slowly and steadily integrate more of the things that I want in my life. Especially beneficial has been her support on building a better connection to my body, building a regular exercise routine and being more present to what I need, particularly during times of stress or anxiety. I highly recommend Laura as a life coach.”

— Sonja Bichsel, Career & Transition Coach | Geneva, Switzerland | 2015

“In 2009 I was at a crossroads. I’d transitioned from a 20 year corporate path to a small business owner and was in a vortex of challenge from all sides…family, business, personal. All of it. When I started coaching with Laura, I was skeptical that she’d be able to help me come to resolution on any issue. After a few sessions, I had my “aha” moment. It had to do with how I made my choices. That moment started a process of change that I could not have envisioned. Today, 5 years later, every choice I make is informed by what I can and cannot control. Coaching has altered my mental processes, in a fundamentally positive way, across the board. Thank you, Laura, for a life-changing exceptional process.” 

— Janet Spiegel, Small Business Owner | Los Angeles, CA | 2014


I had the pleasure of working with Laura as my mentor coach when completing an ICF accredited coaching program. From our very first session together I saw how valuable it was to have Laura’s expertise, perspective and advice. Through her guidance I was able to understand what I was missing and continuously improve my coaching sessions. Laura’s focus and clear understanding of the ICF competencies really made a difference for me when it came time for my final assessment. And she made sure to be available just beforehand so I really felt her support. If you are looking for a mentor coach, look no further!

— Kim Colman, Associate Investment Advisor at TD Wealth, Private Investment Advice | Montréal, QC| 2022

Laura was my Mentor Coach for my ICF renewal. Throughout the entire engagement, Laura was present, insightful, and provided excellent feedback to help me improve my practice. If you are looking for an excellent mentor coach to further your skills, presence, and impact with clients, I whole-heartedly recommend Laura.

— Angela Chiarenza, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion/Executive Coach | Washington, DC | 2020

Laura is a masterful Mentor Coach. She brought the ICF core competencies alive throughout our coaching conversations. Her creativity, insightfulness, and support have contributed to my growth as a coach. It was thoroughly enjoyable to collaborate and have an ongoing, open dialogue with Laura.

— Luz del Carmen Odiardi Purón, PhD, Executive Coach | Vancouver, BC | 2020

“I found Laura online when looking for a mentor coach during my own coaching studies. How lucky and grateful I was to have found her! She is a generous, intuitive and respectful mentor who continuously challenged me with utmost consideration and confidence. She adapted to my learning style and needs as I progressed through the program, making me feel like I had an ally throughout the process. Laura is a truly exceptional coach who I admire greatly. She is constantly furthering her knowledge and is incredibly generous with her time and energy. She is a role model for my own coaching practice and I would say a true hero when it comes to empathy, empowerment, integrity and respect. Thank you Laura Spiegel, I still hear your voice in my head when I’m being challenged!” 

— Anastasia Kitsos, PPCC Certified Coach | Montréal, QC | 2018

“Laura was an absolute pleasure to work with! She was incredibly supportive, and went above and beyond the mandate with her time, dedication, and support in between our coaching sessions. Laura has the ability to challenge the very best version of you to show up each and every time! As I continue to progress as a coach, I will surely use her Mentor Coaching services again to support me. Thank you Laura!” 

— Valerie Pascal, Director of Business Development & Coach | Montréal, QC | 2017

“I chose Laura as my mentor coach while training in an ICF approved coach-training program. I learned right away from our intro session that she would be the guide I was looking for and that she could provide me the space to blossom in this new process of becoming a coach. I learned to let my presence become a soundboard for my clients, to let key pieces in the session resonate to create more moving forward, giving my clients the comfort to elevate the conversation and feel empowered on their journey. Taking a look at the totality of my new endeavor, Laura truly found the words to help me forge and refine the vision of the coach I wanted to be. She helped me tap into my own resources like energy, creativity and experience for a smooth ride. Thank you, Laura. By your side, I learned to coach effectively with simplicity.” 

— Charlotte Marcy, Coach, Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Translator | Rochester, NY | 2017

“Laura was my mentor coach on my journey to becoming a certified coach. She is thoughtful, intelligent, and she has a way of challenging you that is gentle yet purposeful. I had many “Ah-ha” moments during my time with Laura. It is obvious that she has found her calling as a coach as she always goes above and beyond expectations to ensure she’s providing the best experience possible for her client. I highly recommend Laura as a mentor coach.”

— Eric Ibey, Coach & Blogger | Montréal, QC | 2016

“As a long-time coach-trainer one of my joys is to meet and learn with many gifted coaches; having Laura Spiegel as a participant in a Mentor Coach Certification Course I taught recently added to that joy. Laura has an innate ability to perceive beyond simply words and to articulate what she’s perceiving in a clear, honest and empowering manner. She diligently applied herself to diving into deeper understanding of and relationship with the ICF core competencies and demonstrated her grasp and affinity for the respectful partnership that is mentor coaching for professional development. Choosing Laura as a Mentor Coach will enhance your coaching artistry and provide insightful feedback for your further artistry as a coach as you continue to hone and refine your skills.”

— Amoráh Ross, ICF Master Certified Coach, Certified Mentor Coach, ICF Credentialing Assessor and Coach Trainer | Seattle, WA | 2014


“Manuel and I were fortunate enough to be accepted into the COPE Program sponsored by Wounded Warriors Canada.  Between my C-PTSD and the life experiences of Manuel, we needed help in making our relationship the best it could be.  We simply didn’t understand what changes were needed. Between the 5 day program with other couples and the 6 month phase 2 program we were able to “tweak” the little things that could be the difference between staying together or falling apart. 

Laura Spiegel graciously worked with us for the past 6 months.  Between her humour and keen insight, she coached us into understanding each others’ small yet important habits that created drama and resentment between us.  Those “tweaks” to understanding how words, thoughts and actions were being interpreted by the other person has created positive change in ways we never realized could happen.  We are both so grateful to Wounded Warriors Canada with allowing us to participate in this life changing program, and to introducing us to Laura who truly understood the difficulties that couples share with challenging mental health issues such as PTSD.”
— Anna-Lisa Rovak | COPE Participant | Baker Creek, BC | 2024

“Laura Spiegel was an informative and supportive coach for Mark and me. She was gentle in bringing forward situations that were relatable and found language that suited both military and civilian mind. She supplied great resources for both of us to look at and gave examples of how they could inform and diffuse difficult communication. She is a great resource for couples struggling with PTSD. I was sad that the sessions were ending as I felt they kept us online and supported our growth process in our relationship.”

— Jeanne MacGrotty | COPE Participant | Union Bay, BC | 2020

“My husband and I had the pleasure of having Laura during our Phase 2 with COPE to build on our skills with communication and on our relationship. The last few years of dealing with PTSD has been very trying. PTSD is an ugly monster that tries to tear couples apart and makes you feel alone and alienated from the world. We had a toolbox of tools to use from Phase 1. Laura helped us to focus on using the tools and to improve on them. She was very easy to talk too.  I was worried about what to say. She put me at ease and made the transition relaxing and made us stronger. Thank you Laura!”

— Lisa Daub | COPE Participant | Owen Sound, ON | 2020

“My wife and I had the pleasure to work with Laura during the second phase of the COPE Program. We both found Laura very easy to communicate with and she was always very knowledgeable and professional. Laura has extensive experience helping people who are dealing with PTSD. She was able to help us expand on the lessons we learned during Phase 1 of the COPE Program, and she gave us many other tools to help us with our day-to-day life. We both feel that we are in a better place now than we were when we started the COPE Program. Phase 1 was an eye opener for us and Phase 2 with Laura was outstanding. Thanks for everything Laura. You have helped prepare us for a successful and exciting future together.

— Blaine Thurston | COPE Participant | Oakfield, NS | 2020

“Bob Collins [Canadian Forces Veteran] and I went into the COPE Program, not knowing what to expect…We learned that we each have an investment in the relationship and if we wanted it to work we needed to work at it, the relationship doesn’t just happen…[Laura] taught us to not keep things to ourselves and really listen to each other…Now we can actually laugh and joke about getting angry because we know now that if we talk it out it really isn’t as bad as we each think it is. Bob even has a better relationship with his siblings and is included in family get-togethers, which was not the case a year ago. Thanks again…to Laura Spiegel for the great help understanding one another and effects of PTSD on our relationship.” [Excerpt]

— Gayle Hutchings | COPE Participant | Langford, BC | 2018

“Coaching with Laura was so beneficial. Incredibly patient and kind, to have someone checking in on your lives individually and collectively as a couple is truly a gift. It allowed us to take a step outside our issues and look at them objectively. As a result, we have been able to find ways to deal with our issues together as well as validating our own feelings at the same time. Coaching was integral to us taking time to dedicate to our relationship with ourselves and each other, something that often gets lost along the way with mental health issues. A million thanks to Laura and to the COPE Program who got us involved with coaching. Moving the Human Spirit has helped save our family!” 

— Cpl. (retired) Melissa Smith, Canadian Forces Veteran | COPE Participant | Fredericton, NB | 2017

“Coaching sessions with Laura helped me to see my partner as an ally and work towards better understanding each other. We set goals to grow as individuals and as a couple, and achieved what we set out to accomplish.” 

— Jane Arbing, RSW, Social Worker | COPE Participant | Charlottetown, PEI | 2016

“I see my life as an arena, and as I stand in its centre, curve balls get lobbed at me: love, death, birth, retrenchment, beginnings, endings, happiness, sadness. Being involved with a military spouse with PTSD has been like trying to hit a cannon ball with a badminton racquet or trying to catch a fly ball with the sun in my eyes. I was so concerned with the size and type of ball (problem) being thrown that I forgot that I had the reflexes, knowledge and savvy to catch it, look at it from all angles and become so familiar with it that I was no longer afraid of it. Laura helped me to find my strengths and guided me to use them to overcome my weaknesses. Instead of ducking away from the ball, avoiding it, running out of the arena and hiding or attempting to hit it back to where it came from, Laura coached me to see it, anticipate it, and plan what to do with it. To hold my hands out, to catch it and to be in control of where it goes to from there. That power and game plan has allowed me to control my reactions and reflexes in every relationship arena in my life – my family, my friends, my sports, recreation, marriage and our PTSD challenges. Laura has guided, coached, listened, and understood what my needs were without judgment, without condescension and without putting me in a “category”. She personalised the coaching to my quirks, my moods, my needs, my highs and lows and my end goals. She has given me suggestions, practical advice and plenty of tools to use in every situation. As with all tools – they do not work unless you use them. I am very grateful to Laura for guiding me so gently and skillfully to the light switch and giving me the strength and confidence to turn it on.” 

— Carmen Hamel, Entrepreneur | COPE Participant | Calgary, AB | 2016